Your New Students' Union

New Website

NEW Website

We want our website to be an essential companion to your time at UCL. It should be easy to use, find out information and to interact with our services. This summer will relaunch with a totally new look and feel. In the future we want you to be able to book your appointment with the Rights & Advice Centre, claim back some money from your club or society activity, check what events are on around campus or event find out who your Faculty StAR is - all from the one website. We need to find out from you what you want from our website and how it can help you out with your student life.


  • We have commissioned a communications agency, Pickle Jar Communications, to help us through this project, especially in talking to UCL students about what they want from their students' union at UCL.
  • We are running a number of focus groups throughout January 2017 to speak to a wide cross-section of UCL students who get involved with UCLU activities and those that don't.
  • We have launched a short survey that will help us understand more about what you think about UCLU, its activities and how we communicate our role in student life at UCL.


  • We expect to have launched the new website by the end of the summer 2017.