Your New Students' Union

New Spaces for UCLU


UCLU is spread across a number of buildings around UCL offering a wide-array of services. From the Volunteering Services Unit to our bars and cafes, the Rights & Advice Centre to the Clubs & Societies Centre; what we offer can sometimes be bewildering and confusing. The aim of this project is to rationalise, modernise and improve our spaces on campus, making them easier to access and interact with. We want our spaces to the most vibrant and flexible student spaces on campus and we want to find out what you want from our spaces too!


  • Last year we surveyed students to find out what union spaces they needed.
  • We have been reviewing all of our spaces across campus using consultants and architects to identify how we use them and how we could use them better in the future.
  • We are working with UCL Estates to create a draft plan for how we can change our spaces and initial funding has been put in UCL's capital budget.


  • We will be consulting with our members in February, getting input on our plans for our spaces.
  • It is hoped that the first phase of the building works will be complete for the academic year 2017/18.
  • Future phases would be completed throughout the next couple of years.